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GBO NEWS: New “Death in America” Report; 19 Reporting Fellows Chosen; & More

Posted: September 18, 2014 at 1:00 am

GBO NEWS: New “Death in America” Report; 19 Reporting Fellows Chosen; & More


E-News of the Journalists Network on Generations

September 18, 2014 — Volume 14, Number 12

Editor’s Note: GBO News, e-news of the Journalists Network on Generation publishes alerts for journalists, producers and authors covering generational issues. Send your news of important stories or books (by you and others), fellowships, awards or pertinent kvetches to GBO News Editor Paul Kleyman. If you receive the table of contents as e-mail, just click through to the full issue at

IN THIS ISSUE: Boots-on-the-Ground Journalism

1. GOOD SOURCES: Dying in America Institute of Medicine Report; *** “Improving Prescribing for Patients Late in Life,” in Journal of the American Medical Association’s (JAMA)

 2 .EYES ON THE PRIZE: Record 19 Journalists in Aging Fellows Announced; ***Health Care Reporting Fellow Deadline, Oct. 1; National Press Foundation Cancer Issues Fellowship, Application Deadline Oct. 14

3. STORY BOARD:Links to — “Grow Your Own ‘Unretirement’ — Minnesota Hmong on the Farm,”by Chris Farrell, Next Avenue/New America Media; *** “In Retirement Savings, the Poor Get Poorer,” by Anne Tergesen, Wall Street Journal; *** “How the Pay Gap Leads to the Retirement Savings Gap,” by Jonnelle Marte, Washington Post; *** “Device Puts Hearing Impaired in the ‘Loop’,” by Marci Shatzman, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

4. GEN BEATLES NEWS: California Generations Beat Writer Joan Aragone Revives “Health and Aging News” as New Blog;*** Five Gen Beat Reporters on Panel at The SCAN Foundation’s 2012 California Summit on Long Term Service & Supports