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GBO NEWS: Robotic Aging; Investment-Conflict Regs; Older Workers’ Stress; NIA Global Aging Report; & MORE

Posted: April 7, 2016 at 1:00 am


E-News of the Journalists Network on Generations

April 7, 2016 — Volume 16, Number 6

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IN THIS ISSUE: A Rising Delegate Count for Generations Beat Reporters.

1. AGED BY ROBOTIC CULTURE: The Genworth Aging Experience Science Exhibition Raises Questions Reporters Need to Ask–About The Science.


*** “An Aging World: 2015,” U.S. Census Bureau/NIA Report– The world’s older population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate”;

*** “Shorter Life Expectancy Reduces Projected Lifetime Benefits for Lower Earners,” GAO;

*** “March Unemployment Report for Workers Over 55: Slower Recovery for Older Workers,” New School for Social Research, Schwartz Center For Economic Policy Analysis.


*** “New conflict-of-interest rule will protect retirement investors,” by Robert Powell, MarketWatch (April 4).

*** “Long-Term Care Insurance: Less Bang, More Buck,” by Barbara Feder Ostrov, Kaiser Health News/San Jose Mercury News;

*** “Seniors Working Hard for Their Money: 10 Million, Many Ethnic, in Tough Jobs,” by Paul Kleyman, New America Media;

*** DISTANCE CAREGIVING SERIES: “Aging Parents at a Distance Who Aren’t Really ‘Just Fine’,” by Lisa Esposito, U.S. News & World Report;

*** The Other 2016 Campaign: Reframing Aging,” by Bob Rosenblatt, PBS Next Avenue/New America Media;

*** “Local Art Classes, Activities Decrease Isolation, Improve Mood for Those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia,” by Jennifer L. Boen, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel;

*** “What does it mean to have a ‘good death’?’ by Deborah Natburn, Los Angeles Times.

*** “Health-care workers to be in demand as boomers retire, need more care,” by Encarnacion Pyle, Columbus Dispatch.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rockin’ Good Wishes to Reporters in Cleveland for the Health Journalism 2016 Conference. See this GBONews link for more on the generations-beat sessions.