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GBO NEWS: Medicare, Medicaid & Trump; U.S. Longevity Drops; Old, Black and “Invisible in New York” Series; & MORE

Posted: December 28, 2016 at 1:00 am


E-News of the Journalists Network on Generations

December 28, 2016 — Volume 16, Number 18

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In This Issue: Out with the Oy! And In with the Vey!

1. ELDERCARE REFORM SCHOOL: *** “Medicare: What Obamacare Repeal Would Bring, Report by Kaiser Family Foundation”; *** “The Quiet War on Medicaid” by former Democratic presidential advisor and past director of the National Economic Council, Gene B. Sperling; *** “Mortality in the United States, 2015”—With Drop in Longevity, National Center for Health Statistics.

2. GEN BEATLES NEWS: ***Matt Perry’s New “Aging With Dignity” newsletter, California Health Report; ***Jay Newton-Small Profiled in Washington Post on Leaving Journalism to Co-found Memory Well; ***Colin Milner’s 15th Anniversary of the International Council on Active Aging and its Journal of Active Aging.

3. GOOD SOURCES: *** After Obamacare: The Future of U.S. Health Care,” free webinar by USC’s Center for Health Journalism, Jan. 24; *** “Dignity For All: Ensuring Economic Security as America Ages,” Justice in Aging Conference, Posts Session Videos on—What Now?

4. THE STORYBOARD: *** Gregg Morris’ Five-Part “INVISIBLE IN NEW YORK” Series now appearing weekly in the Amsterdam News (historic African American news outlet);  *** “A Poor Christmas for Latino Elders on LA Streets,” La Opinión,  by Francisco Castro, (In Spanish:  “Una pobre Navidad para los más olvidados de ‘La La Land,’”);  *** “The Challenges of Safely Aging in Place in Rural America,” U.S. News & World Report,  by Michael O. Schroeder; *** “Childhood Trauma Effects Often Persist Into 50s and Beyond,” PBS Next Avenue, by Emily Gurnon; *** “Blues Icon Highlights Meeting’s New Lens on Black Aging Research,” Florida Courier, by Penny Dickerson;  *** “Aging Boomers to Depend on a Little Help From Their Friends, Extended Kin,” Deseret News, by Lois Collins, *** “Aging in Trump’s America is Something to Fear, Health-Care Experts Warn,” Ottawa Citizen. by Elizabeth Payne.