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GBO NEWS: 18 Get Journalists in Aging Fellowships; World Aging Congress Press; AP Poll—Majority Want Medicare LTC Coverage; Justice in Aging Book Club Summer Reading List (Seriously!)

Posted: May 31, 2017 at 1:00 am


E-News of the Journalists Network on GenerationsOur 24th Year.

May 31, 2017 — Volume 17, Number 6

Editor’s Note: GBO News, e-news of the Journalists Network on Generation publishes alerts for journalists, producers and authors covering generational issues. Send your news of important stories or books (by you and others), fellowships, awards or pertinent kvetches to GBO News Editor Paul Kleyman. You can subscribe to at no charge simply by sending a request to Paul with your name, address, phone number and editorial affiliation or note that you freelance. You’ll receive the table of contents as e-mail, just click through to the full issue at

In This Issue: The Latest from Washington–Nyet!

1. EYES ON THE PRIZE: ** 18 Named for Journalists in Aging Fellows Program; ***Application Deadline for NIHCM Foundation Journalism Grants, July 24.

2. CALENDAR & RESOURCES: *** World Aging Congress Press Registration; ***Legacy Film Festival at World Congress; *** Application Letters for NIHCM Foundation Health Journalism Grants Due by July 24:

3. THE STORY BOARD: *** “Poll: Older Americans Want Medicare-Covered Long-Term Care,” by Emily Swanson, Associated Press;

*** “When Volunteers Help Ombudsmen Give Nursing Home Residents ‘A Voice’ In Their Care,” by Susan Jaffe, Kaiser Health News and Washington Post;

*** “PROFILES IN OLD AGE: Part 1 — Family, Friends and Purpose Fend Off Isolation,” Deseret News/New America Media, Lois M. Collins, Part 2— “Most Elders Want to Stay at Homes, But Is That What’s Best?” Deseret News/New America Media;

*** “The Real Financial Costs of Caregiving,” Minneapolis Star Tribune/New America Media by Katy Read.

*** “Challenges Loom for Growing Elderly Filipino American Population,” Philippine News/New America Media, by Neil Gonzalez, (May 17);

*** Part 1“A Black Father and Son at the Intersection of Dementia, Poverty and Homelessness,” Los Angeles Sentinel/New America Media; Charlene Muhammad, (May 11). Part 2 – “Dementia, Poverty & Homelessness Intersect Leaving Black Elders’ Needs Unmet,” Los Angeles Sentinel/New America Media, (May 12);

 “Can You Hear Me Now? 8 Options for Affordable Hearing Aids,” Part 1– Senior Planet/New America Media, Erica Manfred (April 25). Part 2 — “The Problems with Hearing Aids—and the Solutions,” Senior Planet/New America Media, (May 2).

*** “Life Expectancy Can Vary By 20 Years Depending On Where You Live,” by Rob Stein, NPR All Things Considered.

4. THE BOOKMOBILE: ***The Justice in Aging Book Club’s Summer Reading Recommendations; *** Blind Author Trish Vickers Dies Day Book Is Published,” BBC News (March 11).