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GBO NEWS: Columbia Names 21 Journalism Fellows; Ageism in Media; High Tech for Rural Elders; New From Authors Herbert Gold, 94, Connie Goldman, 87; WaPo on Hospice & Dementia; & MORE

Posted: May 8, 2018 at 2:56 pm


E-News of the Journalists Network on Generations — Celebrating 2h Years.
May 9, 2018 — Volume 18, Number 6
EDITOR’S NOTE: GBONews, e-news of the Journalists Network on Generations (JNG), publishes alerts for journalists, producers and authors covering generational issues. Send your news of important stories or books (by you and others), fellowships, awards or pertinent kvetches to GBO News Editor Paul Kleyman. []. To subscribe to at no charge, simply sending a request to Paul with your name, address, phone number and editorial affiliation or note that you freelance. For each issue, you’ll receive the table of contents in an e-mail, so just click through to the full issue at GBONews does not provide its list to other entities.

In This Issue: Facts and Opinions—With a Difference.

1. EYES ON THE PRIZE: *** Columbia U Picks 21 “Age Boom” Reporting Fellows; *** Diane Joy Schmidt Awarded First Place by Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Top of the Rockies chapter.

2. GEN BEATLES NEWS: *** GBONews Editor Paul Kleyman to Speak at San Francisco’s Institute of Aging, May 21; *** “Media Coverage of Aging Issues,” CSPAN2, recorded 20 years ago; *** Best-selling Author Herbert Gold, 94, will be at San Francisco’s Beat Museum, May 18, 7 p.m.

3. THE BOOKMOBILE: ***Veteran Generations-Beat Author Connie Goldman, 87, has two caregiving books reissued; ***Juggling Life, Work, and Caregiving, by Amy Goyer, published.

4. GOOD SOURCES: *** The Future of Rural Transportation and Mobility for Older Adults– Two New UC Berkeley Papers.


*** “Making It Easier to Get Transportation to Rural Health Care,” by Katherine Seligman, Next Avenue (May 7);

*** “At 100, My Mom Had Dementia and Needed Hospice Care. Getting It Was Nearly Impossible,” by Jeanne Erdmann, Washington Post (May 5);

*** “Alzheimer’s: The Disease that Steals Memories,” by D. Kevin McNeir, Washington Informer (May 2);

*** “The Big Myth About America’s Pension Crisis,” by Lydia DePillis, CNN Money (April 25);

*** “America’s Public Pensions Matter,” op-ed by Andrew Collier, The Hill (April 25);

*** “Social Security Plan to Shutter Field Office Prompts Street Protest,” by Charles S. Clark, Government Executive (May 3).